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Big Dog TV & Internet proudly offers DISH Satellite TV service. Formerly known as Dish Network, DISH has become so well-known as a premier provider of the nation’s best entertainment packaging that we now know them simply as DISH. With America’s top 120, 200 or 250 programming packages there is a solution for every home. If those programming packages aren’t enough to satisfy your viewing needs then there are plenty of additional options to look at, such as the Heartland package, the DISH movie pack, DISH Multi-Sport pack, and more. Throw in the Hopper, world’s best whole-home DVR and you’re set to entertain for the long haul. The cherry on top is that we are your local pros who have been providing these services for over 15 years. Additionally, our White-Glove warranty is here to back you up, should you need assistance or service after the install. Give us a call today, or swing by your local Big Dog TV & Internet store.
Founded in 1990, DirecTV has been a leader in satellite television programming for over a quarter of a century. As one of the two primary providers of TV entertainment, DirecTV has had a long history of providing consumers with a great product. As the local retailer for them in our respective markets, we are proud to partner with DirecTV in order to give our customers as many options as possible when considering the television programming they’d like in their homes or places of business. DirecTV offers great programming options with their Choice, Choice Xtra, and Choice Ultimate packages. In addition DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is the only way to get all the NFL action every week. So you can watch your team as well as your fantasy players. For more information on DirecTV, including installation and service, contact your local Big Dog TV & Internet retail store.
As one of the nation’s most prevalent telecommunication providers, CenturyLink offers High-Speed Internet for low prices. Big Dog TV & Internet is pleased to be able to offer CenturyLink internet service for the home as well as for business. In today’s world that demands fast communication, instant messaging, social media updates, data downloads, and streaming video all with one hand tied behind your back, you can rely on CenturyLink to provide the necessary conduit of communication. With speeds up to 100 megabits per second you can download movies in under a minute. To top it off CenturyLink makes the home installation so easy by creating a self-install solution. If you are looking for a faster and better alternative for an internet provider. Give us a call today, or stop by our local retail store.

Big Dog TV & Internet: Your Local Satellite and Internet Professionals

Structured around the foundation of family, teamwork, and societal ethics, Big Dog TV & Internet is quickly earning recognition as a prominent company in today’s small business world. With humble beginnings as a one man show, Big Dog has quickly become one of the nation’s largest retailers for satellite service and high speed internet retail sales. As recognition comes we continue to expand our offerings and services including into the renewable energy market.

The Big Dog family of services has the ability to provide DISH and DirecTV satellite TV services as well as High Speed Internet as an authorized retailer of multiple Internet Service Providers, including CenturyLink.

One of the biggest reasons that we are a leading retailer of so many services is our personalized local approach to the installs and service that we can provide. We are also a service organization with the promise to offer superior customer service found in this industry today. We have been fortunate enough in our success that we have the infrastructure and ability to offer our own local warranty program, which offers peace of mind and security, knowing that in the event that anything should need maintained or serviced you have local pros in your neighborhood to take care of the job.

With onward and upward as one of our main goals, our intent is to be a leader on a nationwide level.

From a more broad perspective, the being of Big Dog is directly attributed to our fearless leader. Brad Barrott has been in the satellite industry since its establishment in 1999.

As previously mentioned, Brad was the one man show, but quickly grew the business to what is now an operation of over 75 employees and conducting business concretely in 7 different markets and 2 countries with the ability to provide satellite coverage nationwide.

Since inception, several other key people have joined forces in helping to run the company. Kenny Pfannenstiel came in to the picture in the year 2000 and went from part time installer, driving his Honda Civic with a perfectly set up install bag, to CFO, and now COO of Big Dog and the ultimate go to guy.

The CFO since 2006, Bill Donnelly, has also been a long time player in the growth of the business as well. It was Bill’s suggestion to Brad as a close friend, prior to Big Dog’s establishment, that he take a look at the satellite TV business. Bill helped to get Brad approved for a dealership and the rest is history in the making.