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Dish DealerAs the premier retailer in the Pocatello region for DISH Satellite, Big Dog TV & Internet is the fastest and easiest way to get the best of DISH. With an array of programming packages to choose from DISH satellite has something for everyone. And with pricing options starting at just $19.99 per month there’s never been a better time to get America’s Top programming. As an added bonus new subscribers have the opportunity to lock in their program pricing with the DISH 2-year price lock guarantee. Give our Pocatello office a call at 208.232.5483
Direct TV DealerIf sports are your thing then DirecTV is the source for satisfying your competition cravings. Nobody in the Pocatello area knows how to hook you up with the best of of DirecTV than the local professionals at Big Dog TV & Internet. Watch every NFL game all season long with the NFL Sunday Ticket, free to new subscribers of the many qualifying packages. Add to that the most advanced DirecTV HD DVR system ever, The Genie and the Genie GO, and there is no reason not to get hooked up with the best of DirecTV programming. Call our local office today to get started. 208.232.5483
high speed internetWhen it comes to staying connected to the rest of the world much of what we do happens online. Having a solid high speed internet connection is invaluable for this reason. No one knows this better than your local pros at Big Dog TV & Internet. We offer internet service through several providers, so depending on the physical address of the internet service, we will make sure to get you the best service for the best price. In most cases this means reliable high speed internet for only $29.99. To find out what services are available at your location call us today at 208.232.5483

Pocatello, The Gate City

The city of Pocatello, ID was founded in 1889 and is named after a great Shoshone Indian Chief. Just south of the city limits is the Portneuf gap, which gold miners and pioneers traveled through as the west was being settled. This area provided the main economic hub in the area as tracks were laid for the railroad. Today the Portneuf landmark still provides a notable landscape to the area for which many businesses and economic developments derive their names. Among these is the Portneuf Wellness Complex.

The residents of Pocatello and the surrounding area pride themselves on hard work and driving their own success. They know how to work hard and play hard. The geographic area around Pocatello provides opportunities for the outdoor enthusiasts. From American Falls and it’s inviting reservoir to hiking and biking along the many mountain trails to skiing at Pebble Creek to enjoying the natural hot springs in Lava Hot Springs, there really is something to do for just about everyone.

Pocatello is also home to a four year university, Idaho State University. The school is well-known for its contribution to the arts, particularly in theater. As a result, much of the area benefits from a heightened cultural awareness and the artistic contributions of these cultures.

Among the many cultures that contribute to vibrant experience in the area is the Native American culture. With an Indian reservation just to the north there is a large influence from the Native American community and in particular the Shoshone tribe.

With such a rich culture and history there is no wonder Pocatello and its neighboring areas continue to be a thriving hub for many businesses and families that make it their home.

In fact, we at Big Dog TV & Internet call it our home as well, as our corporate offices are located in Chubbuck. We love the opportunities we have to be involved in the communities that we have stores in, but it is an added bonus to call Pocatello our corporate home. If you are a private or business resident of Pocatello or the surrounding area, we would love to be your local services provider for Dish, DirecTV or High Speed Internet, so contact us today. However, if that doesn’t work out we certainly hope you feel welcome.