TV Services

Top 120

Price Guaranteed For 2 Years
$ 64
99 /Mo.
  • Fox News
  • ESPN
  • Discovery Channel
  • Disney Channel

Top 120 Plus

Price Guaranteed For 2 Years
$ 79
99 /Mo.
  • Includes Top 120
  • NFL Network
  • Regional Sports
  • PAC-12 Network

Top 200

Price Guaranteed For 2 Years
$ 89
99 /Mo.
  • Includes Top 120+
  • Hallmark Channel
  • Game Show Network
  • Golf Channel

Customer Quotes

“High marks for everything. They are always great. I couldn’t ask for better service.”
– Jack M


“Very helpful and friendly. They explain everything in great detail and helpful with any questions I had. Would recommend their service to anyone I know that needs help with a satellite hook up!!!!!”
– Sandra B


“You guys, big dog satellite seriously was early and made every effort to find a way to get me the signal that I needed and their customer service was great! The gentleman listened to everything that I asked and went above and beyond, great company excellent service.”
– Rebecca W


Benefits of Big Dog

Faster Service - With local technicians professionally trained to install and service, you get your service completed at the soonest available time slot. Often times that is same-day.

Easier Process - In addition to our website, our LOCAL call center, and brick & mortar stores make it easy for our customers to contact us whichever way they prefer, or consider easiest.

Trust / Value - Honesty, trust, and friendly service are the pillars that have kept Big Dog in business for over 20 years. We believe in treating our customers as our good friends, because that's who they are.

Call Today! 1-866-635-1500

NFL Sunday Ticket with DIRECTV

No Such Thing as "Too Much NFL""

With the NFL Sunday Ticket from DIRECTV you can get the most NFL games anywhere. Regardless if you're part of Patriot Nation, a Cheesehead, or 12th man, all can agree on the great value of the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Watch NFL Games Anywhere

With the Sunday Ticket you not only get access to the games through your satellite dish, but it's also available on your laptop, mobile phone, and tablet.

DISH Hopper 3

Virtually Unlimited Recording

DISH is the leader in DVR technology and the Hopper 3 does not disappoint. With a 2TB hard drive the Hopper 3 offers the largest hard drive available in DVR's. Record up to 16 channels at one time.

Hop Over Commercials

The world's most powerful DVR doesn't come without a few fancy add-ons. Get through your programming quicker with auto-hop, which skips over commercials. Paired with the DISH voice remote, the Hopper 3 now gives you the ability to control your viewing with verbal commands.


Solar Energy Systems

Control What You Spend on Electricity

With the rising costs of power across the nation, more and more people are choosing to take control of what the spend on energy by installing solar generation systems.

Prepare for Emergencies

In addition to taking control of spending on power, many solar customers also add a battery storage solution to their system in order to have an emergency power source.

Smoother Process

No Pressure, Just Professional

We know how challenging it can be to try and subscribe to any sort of new service. Our objective is to take the friction out so that you have the best experience from start to finish.

Trusted Partners

Cost Doesn't Always Equal Value

Having been in local business for over 20 years, we know that real value isn't reflected in price. Rather it is shown in the relationships we build with our customers.

Our Happy Customers

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COVID-19 Precautions

Big Dog is still open for business and is fully prepared to meet our customers needs. 

For any satellite or internet service needs, please contact your local branch.

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