About Us

Structured around the foundation of family, teamwork, and societal ethics, Big Dog is quickly earning its recognition as a prominent company in today's small business world. With humble beginnings as a one man show, so to speak, the Big Dog Family of Companies has quickly earned recognition among the nation's largest retailers for satellite service and is continuing to expand in the energy saving market.

Big Dog holds the capability to provide an array of products including phone, internet, satellite TV, and more recently, insulation and wind/solar energy solutions; however, we do much more than offer a variety of products. We are also a service organization with the promise to offer superior customer service found in this industry today. Big Dog has triumphed on its ability to diversify in its product offerings as well as provide personalized customer care to better serve our customers, who are the reason for our being.

With onward and upward as one of our main goals, our intent is to be a leader on a nationwide level.

We strongly encourage the success of our counter parts and those who make the Big Dog world go round. Specifically, those counterparts are our Corporate Officers, General Managers, Administration, Sales, Technicians, and Customer Service Crews. Collectively, our teams make business at Big Dog possible, and help us to continually widen the spectrum of our existence.

From a more broad perspective, the being of Big Dog is directly attributed to our fearless leader. Brad Barrott has been in the satellite industry since its establishment in 1999.

As previously mentioned, Brad was the one man show, but quickly grew the business to what is now an operation of over 120 employees and conducting business concretely in 8 different markets and 2 countries with the ability to provide satellite coverage nationwide.

Since inception, several other key people have joined forces in helping to run the company. Kenny Pfannenstiel came in to the picture in the year 2000 and went from part time installer, driving his Honda Civic with a perfectly set up install bag, to CFO, and now COO of Big Dog and the ultimate go to guy.

The CFO since 2006, Bill Donnelly, has also been a long time player in the growth of the business as well. It was Bill's suggestion to Brad as a close friend, prior to Big Dog's establishment, that he take a look at the satellite TV business. Bill helped to get Brad approved for a dealership and the rest is history in the making.