Business and Commercial Satellite

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As a business owner or property manager, often times you face the question of how to engage your customers and provide them with a complete experience.

Outside of the specific services you render, we like to make the rest of the formula a little easier. Offering DISH or DirecTV satellite for customers, clients and tenants will help ease tension, increase morale and provide a more engaging atmosphere.

The features and benefits available through DISH and DirecTV vary depending on property type, size and design. To learn more regarding your specific type of commercial property or business select the most similar option from the drop down list provided and click the “Learn More” button.

Take a look at some of commercial and business properties

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Carriage Cove Rehabilitation
La Jolla Apartments
Mesa Falls
Advance Health Care
Hotel with Satellite TV
Carriage Cove Apartment Satellite
BYU-I 24HD Channels Satellite Racking
Satellite Televes HD Encoder
Satellite Cable Setup for Apartment
Mesa Falls 72 Channel Digital-HD Satellite
Dish Network Commercial Rack

Business and Office Buildings

Offices | Banks | Salons | Health Clubs | Service Shops

Every bank and doctor’s office is the same, right? Going to the health club couldn’t be more boring. And let’s not even get started on what a pain it is to sit and wait for an oil change. Wait – that’s not how it has to be! Your clients want to know that you are doing all you can to take care of them and ensure their visit with you is a positive one. But how? Keep their minds engaged while they relax in your sitting areas. DirecTV is the perfect way to make wait time relaxing at the bank. Customers next in line for an appointment in a salon or doctor’s office will feel like their wait time was no time at all! Getting the brakes fixed on the car will feel like a breather from life if they can sit and relax. SonicTap music channels will create a pleasant atmosphere, helping your customers and clients enjoy their time in your office or club. Such an amenity will really set your business apart, showing your clients that you take their business seriously.

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Restaurants and Bars

Choosing a restaurant or bar to go to for the night is a customer’s way of putting their trust in you. They’re trusting you to give them what they’re looking for. They want good food and a comfortable atmosphere – whether that means loud music and dimmed lights, or the game cranked up high and plenty of drinks to go around. No matter what they’re interests are, customers are depending on you to offer them the full experience. Let DirecTV help. We have sports packages that include a DirecTV NFL Sunday ticket – a must have for any sports bar. And changing the channel doesn’t need to be a pain. We have an iPad app to control all your TV’s from one device. Don’t worry about eye sores. Small receivers can be hidden and will still work with RF/UHF remotes. Need a little help letting your patrons know that you’ve got them covered? We offer free on-premise sports kits including banners, coasters and posters to help draw in more business (DirecTV Only). We’ve got you covered.

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Health Care Facilities

Patients staying at your short term or long term care facility rely on you to meet their physical and mental needs. That’s a big job, and we know you have your hands full. Let us help, we can make your job a little easier. Providing patients with access to DirecTV in the comfort of their room ensures that their minds will be engaged and they’ll be entertained while they’re taken care of. With so many people to provide and care for, you don’t have time for lengthy installations! We totally get that. Big Dog TV & Internet guarantees quick and organized installation for minimal downtime. We offer competitive per room bulk rates, so you know you’ll be getting the best deal. We know you need flexibility, so we multiple contract types available! To ensure a priority service arrangement, we have Guaranteed Work/Service Agreements available. We offer no money down options to fit your budget. HD equipment is available with a great subsidy – up to $89 per room. Limited mobility can leave patients feeling frustrated and agitated. DISH provides entertainment to keep spirits high while patients heal.

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Correctional Institutions

The work of a Correctional Officer can be taxing. We understand that your facility is responsible for the safety, well-being, and improvement of large numbers of inmates. No matter the size of your institution, safety is going to be one of your top concerns. Don’t worry, our experienced installers are familiar with safety and security protocols. We understand that you need to be flexible with what is offered at your facility, so we offer competitive bulk rates. Television availability is important to both those who run the facility, as well as the inmates. We have both analog and HD options, so you can choose whichever DISH or DirecTV service that will fit your needs. To ensure a priority service arrangement, we offer Guaranteed Work/Service Agreements. We appreciate the work that you do, so let us make your job a little easier by providing the right product to fit the needs of your facility.

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When a guest visits your hotel, they want to feel like they’ve come home for a night. They’re trusting you to provide for their care and comfort. At the end of a day of travel or sight-seeing, tired guests want to kick back, relax, and catch up on their favorite show. Don’t forget, many young guests rely on being able to see their favorite cartoon faces while they’re somewhere new and different. DirecTV is the perfect way to make them feel comfortable and relaxed – especially those little ones. DISH understands that you need to be flexible, so we have 3 and 5 year contracts for you to choose from. To ensure a priority service arrangement, we offer Guaranteed Work/Service Agreements. We have HD subsidies available – up to $75 per room – as well as no money down options. And you can pass those savings on to your guests. Make your guests feel right at home by offering them the best.

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University Student Housing

Studying, finals, cramming. We get it! Students are working hard to learn as much as they can to be valuable assets in their trade. But at the end of the day, a college student is like any other human being. They need to relax and let all that information settle in for a bit. And with people from several different backgrounds, there’s bound to be a variety of interests. Basic cable isn’t going to cut it. You need DISH or DirecTV to give you a competitive edge. Speaking of competitive, we offer great bulk rates! DirecTV has off campus bulk rates, and DISH has great on and off campus bulk rates available. There are subsidies available with certain qualifications. To ensure a priority service arrangement, we offer Guaranteed Work/Service Agreements. While your student tenants are far from home, they need a bit of comfort and relaxation. That’s something you can easily and quickly provide through DISH and DirecTV.

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RV Parks

Some people long for adventure. The open road, the wind in their hair and no strings to tie them down. They want to see the sun set in the desert and watch it rise in the mountains. They want freedom! But they don’t want to leave the comfort of home behind when they hit the road. So what’s an adventurer to do? Literally take their home and all its comforts with them! Except, what to do about DirecTV? Don’t worry, you can offer it for them! With seasonal contracts available, you won’t be tied down to something that doesn’t work for you. DISH has both analog and HD solutions, and we can wire properties if you need us to. We have no money down options, and you can pass those savings right on down to your tenants, making you doubly appealing to those adventurers. So kick back and relax. You got this.

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