November 28, 2016

DIRECTV Going Green


With DIRECTV you get the peace of mind of utilizing products that are friendly to our planet’s well-being. DIRECTV has been the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program partner of the year for 3 years in consecutively.

As ENERGY STAR’s partner, they produce energy-efficient receivers that reduce electricity consumption. They require their suppliers to comply with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).  Helping customers be a part of the “green” journey by producing ENERGY STAR certified receivers. Each day they are researching for new ways to create more sustainability and make significant advances.

Packagesdirecttv packaging

DIRECTV is currently developing new efficient packaging. They have significantly reduced their packaging consumption while still maintaining the protection of their products.

Helping Consumers

DIRECTV is creating ways to help their consumers reduce their impact by creating awareness about their options. They have specialized advertising about energy efficiency and aiming to attract customers that are interested in going solar.


  1. Reduce one million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually by 2020
  2. Improve sustainability of DIRECTV products and packaging
  3. Reduce amount of disposables by 25% by 2020
  4. Reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 40%
  5. Reduce waste landfill by 95% by 2020
  6. Refurbish/Recycle every receiver


Reports Suppliers New Ideas More Information
Produce annual reports about sustainability Engage new partners and suppliers that comply with their policies Listen to passions and ideas of their employees Provide information to customers and investors about ways to reduce environmental footprints


Impacting Employees

They train their employees to apply their green efforts companywide. The efforts have become part of the DIRECTV culture. Their employee solar partnership has influenced the employees to put solar panels on the roofs of their homes. Not only are they influencing their customers to go eco-friendly, but their own employees as well.

The culture at DIRECTV, they believe in being open about how they operate and the commitment for public reports about their environmental performance. They plan to inspire people with their transparent commitment.

Organizations DIRECTV partners with:

Less is More

Incredibly, DIRECTV has extremely reduced their emission footprint by over 13% during 3 years of hard work and dedication. With these efforts and results, they have found many ways to reduce electricity consumption. Efforts have spread through all of their facilities. They use ENERGY STAR certified computers, laptops, and monitors, LED light systems, energy efficient chillers, etc.

They have even reduced emissions by making service Directtv Recyclingdelivery more efficient with a dispatch program. This program   helps them schedule their routes to provide the shortest distance between jobs. This has helped emissions reduce to 20% since 2011. They are even taking it further by looking into new vehicles to further reduce emissions.

At DIRECTV they believe in the 3 R’s. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 90% of the waste they create cycles through their very own warehouses and becomes usable material for packaging. Most of their cardboard gets compacted, baled, and recycled. This has helped reduce the amount of trash going to a landfill by 17%. All of the metal gets properly recycled to local recyclers in the area.

Even their employees are sorting out their trash at work. Each employee have desk-side recycling bins to make sure that waste is sorted to compost as much as they possibly can.

Recycling ElectronicsDirecttv Recycling Electronics

Instead of having your unused electronics laying around the house or go to a landfill, DIRECTV started collecting unused electronics and properly recycling them. In 2013 they recovered more than 16 million pounds of electronics. In 2014, they collected more than 24 million. DIRECTV collects any electronic regardless of the brand.


Have a guilt-free mind when you purchase DIRECTV products. DIRECTV satellite has you covered with their eco-friendly products, recycling program, and internal eco-friendly decisions. Get the fast and reliable DIRECTV service with your local Big Dog TV & Satellite providers.

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