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Find the programming you love at a price you can count on, guaranteed for 2 years.

TOP 120

$ 64
99 /Mo.
  • 190 Channels
  • ESPN, USA, CNN, CMT, Disney, E! and much more.
  • Free Showtime, Starz, & DISH Movie Pack


$ 79
99 /Mo.
  • 190+ Channels
  • All of the 120 Package plus regional Sports networks
  • Free Showtime, Starz, & DISH Movie Pack


TOP 200

$ 89
99 /Mo.
  • 240+ Channels
  • SPORTS. Golf channel, NFL Network, CBS Sports Network, NBA TV, NHL Network
  • Free Showtime, Starz, & DISH Movie Pack

TOP 250

$ 99
99 /Mo.
  • 290+ Channels
  • Only Top 250 and up offers AMC and The Movie Channel. Don’t miss your shows!
  • Free Showtime, Starz,& DISH Movie Pack

Big Dog FAQ's

What's the Relationship Between Big Dog and DISH?

Big Dog TV & Internet is one of the nation’s leading DISH satellite retailers. We have been in business for 20 years and are a trusted Premier Retailer for DISH.

Who Do Talk to About My Service?

Big Dog is one of few retailers for dish that has their own installation team. As such we can handle all your service questions quicker and more responsive than anyone.

Are There Better Prices Other Places?

The agreements between DISH and their retailers require all parties to standardize pricing. Therefore the program pricing is universal. However, Big Dog often offers significant promotions or perks to sign up.

Are the Channel Packages the Same Through Big Dog?

All programming is managed by DISH and are standardized through all retail partners. By controlling all programming through a corporate entity, we have more buying and negotiating power with the cable networks.

Why Should I Choose Big Dog?

With standardized pricing and programming, the distinct advantage of going with Big Dog is the responsive rate for all your installation and service needs. You shouldn’t have to wait.

Are There Warrantees?

For a small monthly amount subscribers can take advantage of the DISH service warranty. This provides worry-free living should anything (or anyone) happen to mess up with your system.

Local Dish Retailer

You Deserve the Best, so get it

Getting DISH through a Premier Local Retailer like Big Dog, means you get the top programming in the nation from local pros trusted most by DISH themselves.

Local Dish Retailer

Trusted Dish Retailer


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COVID-19 Precautions

Big Dog is still open for business and is fully prepared to meet our customers needs. 

For any satellite or internet service needs, please contact your local branch.

Cedar Rapids (319) 395-0800

Idaho Falls (208) 552-1333

Pocatello (208) 232-5483

Twin Falls (208) 734-6888

Grand Junction (970) 243-4534