Compare DISH Receivers


Full HD DVR functionality on every TV, so you can pause, rewind and record live TV in any room. Plus, you can access your DVR library on all TVs so you can record a movie in the living room, start watching it in the bedroom and then finish in the kitchen.


  • Access your LIVE TV, thousands of On Demand titles, and everything from your DVR even when you’re away from home
  • Easily skip commercials in recorded PrimeTime Anytime Shows
  • Connect up to 4 HD TVs using a single Hopper and 3 Joeys
  • Record up to 6 live HD channels during primetime
  • Full HD DVR functionality on every TV, including the ability to pause, fast-forward and rewind live TV
  • Share DVR recordings between any HD TV in the home
  • 2 TB hard drive record and store up to 2,000 hours
  • PrimeTime Anytime gives you instant access to your favorite primetime shows from ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC in HD
  • Watch hundreds of On Demand titles on your TV, no internet connection required
  • Remote Control Locator- Never lose your remote again!
  • HDMI, component and composite video; analog stereo and optical digital audio; antenna (1 satellite and RF remote); USB (1 front, 2 rear), (2) LAN (10/100), telephone, and eSATA
  • Bluetooth Capabilities
  • Advanced search easily finds shows, recordings, and On Demand content
  • Image rich Graphics User Interface (GUI)
  • Three USB 2.0 ports and built in ethernet
  • Up to 9-day Picture-In-Guide with optional widescreen Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Integrated apps
  • Optional External Hard Drive (EHD) capability


If you want satellite TV in your bedroom, garage, or other rooms in your house, the Dish Network Joey is a no-brainer. The Joey can access everything on the Hopper with ease. If you have more than one screen in your house you can’t go wrong with this powerful device.


  • Offers the features found on on the Hopper including Remote Control Locator
  • Connects other TVs in the home with the Hopper to create a Whole-Home entertainment experience
  • Compact and tucks behind the TV or inside a cabinet
  • HDMI and composite video; analog stereo and optical digital audio; antenna; USB and LAN (10/100)
  • Integrated Home Video Network (HVN) signals communicate to a MoCA-connected Hopper receiver for easy access to Whole-Home DVR services and satellite programming
  • High-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) programming; view MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 programming
  • Hopper Internet Connector compatible
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Ethernet built-in
  • Video-On-Demand (VOD) capability
  • Integrated Apps
  • Software upgradeable via satellite
  • Secure to the base horizontally or vertically for added stability
  • Mount on a wall or flat surface for space saving convenience

DuoDVR ViP 722k

350 Hours of SD, 55 Hours of HD Recording Capacity! With Over 70 Channels of HD available, now is a great time to Sign up for Dish Network. Video archiving feature allows you to create an unlimited library of movies and TV shows, when you hook up an external hard drive. USB 2.0 for connecting an external hardrive for even more space! Widescreen Electronic Program Guide with easy search features MPEG-4 HD Compression Compatible – means you have the ability to receive and record local channel HDTV programming in your local area.


  • Supports two TVs one HDTV and one SDTV
  • Record up to 350 hours of standard-definition programming, up to 55 hours of high-definition programming, or a combination of the two
  • Enjoy expanded storage capacity with the addition of an external hard drive (EHD2)
  • View and record HD over the air digital
  • TV1 display supports four resolutions: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i
    • SD content is up-converted
    • HD and SD output is simultaneous
  • TV2 display resolution is 480i
    • HD content is down-converted
  • Two satellite tuners allow you to select from two viewing options
    • Single Mode: Picture-In-Picture (PIP) available on any TV
    • Dual Mode: Independently view and record programming on two televisions
  • Supports Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound
  • Widescreen Electronic Program Guide with easy search features
  • Convenient On-Screen Caller ID with history**
  • DishHOME Interactive TV for watching six screens at once and on demand entertainment, games, shopping, news, sports, weather and customer service

SoloDVR ViP 612

The perfect solution for a single high-definition (HD) TV. The built-in DVR allows you to record your favorite shows and watch them any time you want! Simultaneously watching one program while recording another.


  • Supports one TV
  • Two High definition (HD) tuners.
  • Record up to 200 hours of standard-definition programming, up to 30 hours of high-definition programming, or a combination of the two
  • Integrated off-air tuner for reception of local digital/HD and analog broadcasts.
  • Supports Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound

Solo ViP 211k

The ViP 211 is our next generation entry level HD receiver that supports one HDTV. Eye-opening dramatic color and previously unimaginable picture clarity are just some of the benefits of the ViP 211, perfect for a single high definition television household.


  • Supports one independent high-definition (HD) TV
  • View HD and SD programming
  • Display resolutions 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i
  • Dolby Digital audio
  • View over-the-air digital SD and HD broadcasts
  • On-screen caller ID and history