October 19, 2016

Halloween Movie Party

Halloween Movie Party

Need to get in the holiday spirit, but don’t know how to pump up your guests? Nothing brings out the Halloween spirit like a Halloween movie party. Dish TV can help you organize a Halloween movie party your friends and family will enjoy. See how we can help you plan the best movie Halloween party this October.


Pick a theme

Halloween Movie Party

There are plenty of themes to choose from. From haunted, ghost, horror, fairytale, costume theme, etc. You can also choose themes from your favorite movies. Choose whether you want a kid friendly theme for your kid’s party or a classy horror theme for an adult party.



Decorate your party according to your theme. Add spooky props, tombstones, spider webs, skeletons, black lights, etc. Decorate your tables and walls with haunted signs or paintings.



Make sure to send out your invitations 1-2 weeks before. Make sure you include your theme in your invitations. This will avoid the confusion about the wardrobe and make sure that everyone is dressed for the occasion. If you send out your invitations with 2 weeks in advance, it gives your guests time to find costumes according to your theme. Include the date, time, and address on your invitations as well.



Party up and dance to some of your Halloween favorites. If you don’t want to be playing DJ, make sure you have a playlist so you can join in on the fun. Set out a disco ball or lights to set up your very own dance floor.


Spooky Snacks

Halloween Movie PartySpooky snacks anyone? How about some eyeballs? Make sure to decorate your food to your theme. Perhaps serve some classic spaghetti and meatballs to represent innards. You can also have some cookie fingers, devil’s eggs as eyeballs, and some crock pot stew with a sign labeled “Witch’s Stew”.



  • Costume contest.
  • Create a murder mystery game that all your guests can be a part of. Create clues and ideas to help find the murderer.
  • Plan a little trip to your local haunted house or maze. Sometimes for adults going to a haunted house isn’t quite as fun. Perhaps see if you can get a group of guests to participate if they wish.
  • Have a pumpkin carving contest or a Halloween themed dessert contest



Want a perfect way to end your party? End it with a Halloween movie! Search through your Dish TV network listings to find what movies are playing in October or go to Dish TV On Demand to find your favorites. With Dish TV On Demand, you have thousands of movies to choose from. Choose Halloween classics, horror, or kid-friendly Halloween movies. Have your blanket out, popcorn ready, dim the lights, and enjoy the end of a great night.


Enjoy the spooky preparations and throw the best Halloween movie party in your neighborhood.

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