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Big Dog Services

DISH Satellite

As the premier retailer in the Idaho Falls area for DISH Satellite, Big Dog TV & Internet is the fastest and easiest way to get the best of DISH. With an array of programming packages to choose from DISH satellite has something for everyone. And with great pricing options there’s never been a better time to get America’s Top programming.

DIRECTV Satellite

If sports are your thing then DirecTV is the source for satisfying your competition cravings. Nobody in the East Idaho area knows how to hook you up with the best of of DirecTV than the local professionals at Big Dog TV & Internet. Watch every NFL game all season long with the NFL Sunday Ticket, free to new subscribers of the many qualifying packages.

High Speed Internet

When it comes to staying connected to the rest of the world much of what we do happens online. Having a solid high speed internet connection is invaluable for this reason. No one knows this better than your local pros at Big Dog TV & Internet. We offer internet service through several providers, so depending on the physical address of the internet service, we will make sure to get you the best service for the best price.

Idaho Falls, Built for Business

Named after the rapids and falls that flow just north of the Broadway bridge downtown, Idaho Falls is the second largest city in the state of Idaho (according to the 2010 census). Originally named Eagle Rock, the town’s title was changed to Idaho Falls in 1891. Since that time Idaho Falls has seen steady and continued growth.

This is particularly due to a thriving economy and a geographic location that lends itself to ample opportunities to leverage the surrounding areas as catalysts for expansion and growth.

Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas are in a high desert area and as such experience all four seasons (sometimes all in one day). The beauty and grace of the Snake River that runs through the heart of the city is a vital part of the culture that makes this area so enticing to the over 56,000 city residents. From city life to outdoor adventures, there really is something for everyone in Idaho Falls.

As a local business in the area, we understand the inherent opportunities that are present here. However, we are not the only ones. Even large publications have taken notice of the charm of our fair town. In 2010 Forbes listed Idaho Falls as one of the “2010 Best Small Places for Business & Careers”. CNN also added Idaho Falls to their list of the “Top 100 Cities in 2010”.

If you are a current resident, or potentially a future resident of the Idaho Falls area. We hope you enjoy your stay. And of course, if you feel the need to subscribe to Dish, DirecTV, CenturyLink, or any other High-Speed Internet services, please contact us today. We’d love to be your local service providers and show you what hometown service really means.

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