Commercial & Bulk Properties Satellite

We know that both Home Owners and Tenants have many choices when it comes to where they put their roots down. Help them know they’ve made the right choice by offering the best products available in the market. One size certainly does not fit all, so we’ve got a few different options of satellite service to fit your needs and the needs of your tenants or Home Owners

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Bulk Satellite Programming

For bulk programming, where the property includes programming as an amenity, we’ve got everything you’re looking for.

DirecTV has solutions for all property sizes. If tenants want a little extra, they can upgrade to additional services at a discounted rate. And don’t worry about having to sort through the bills and get them to the right person. This can be billed directly to the tenant, cutting out any middle man involvement.

DirecTV is a premium feature that the property can include & promote, and then cover in the cost of rent or fees. As an added bonus, we also offer complimentary programming in common areas. In most cases, we don’t require money down per property. Big Dog maintains the working relationship with onsite management. This will provide up to date information and ensure issues are resolved and/or repaired quickly and professionally. The property is maintained and serviced by Big Dog TV & Internet, keeping your properties clean and organized, and letting you take care of other responsibilities.

Direct to Home Satellite Programming

Do you want each property set up so that tenants have their own account? Take advantage of our Direct to Home options. Do you want this to be inexpensive? Great news with our Direct to Home packages, Big Dog will come set up and install for free – NO CHARGE to you. We have flexible contracts to fit your needs and residents can individually choose to pay for their own programming packages, equipment and additional services they may want in order to customize their entertainment experience. When one size doesn’t fit all, this is a top choice to give your tenants the freedom to choose what they’ll be happiest with. DirecTV offers complimentary programming in commons areas such as clubhouses or lobby areas, so no need to worry about an extra expense for you.

Because we understand that aesthetics are important, our centralized distribution system gives every apartment access with limited dishes on the exterior. No clutter of multiple satellite dishes, which means your buildings keep their appeal.

Offering DirecTV appeals to renters. Give them the very best so they know they’re in good hands. We can help simplify your processes, giving you more time to focus on taking care of your properties and tenants

COVID-19 Precautions

Big Dog is still open for business and is fully prepared to meet our customers needs. 

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